Friends, Family, & Baseball

Joey, Bernie, & Bruce

In the rush-rush, hectic, fast paced results now world in which we live, what is the best way to kick back, and enjoy life a little bit?

In my opinion, it is having the ability to spend time with friends or family, and do that kicking back by enjoying a baseball game together.

Baseball has a truly nice environment. It is slow paced, works at its own speed, and if you look close enough, there are a ton of life lessons in the “action,” that can be discussed for days afterward.

In my days of coaching, I would always try to teach my pitchers that every single pitch had a bearing on the outcome of the game. The thought process of pitch one, to the final pitch of the final out of the game is truly amazing. Between that first pitch to the final pitch, this is where all of the nuances take place that are cause for eternal debates.

I had a couple of opportunities in the recent past to experience great baseball situations in two very different environments.

In March, I was able to attend a number of Spring Training games in Arizona. I was able to see my beloved Texas Rangers (please no offense Cleveland Indians), the Reds, the Giants, the Cubs, and the Angels. Spring Training is much more laid back than the regular season.

It was during the game against the Cubs that I had the opportunity to attend the game with one of my oldest, and best friends, Bruce Frazier, who lives in Scottsdale. We had a great time breaking the game down, catching up on old times, and as an extra bonus, we were able to go to a sports restaurant afterward and watch the Ohio State-Syracuse basketball game. Having my son Joey, who works for the Rangers, join us afterward was an extra bonus. It was a truly relaxing time.

Bernie, Maureen, Krista, Joey, Sue

Then, just a few weeks back, when the Rangers were in Cleveland for a “real” game, I had the chance to go to “the Jake,” and watch Texas play Cleveland. My heart is always torn when these teams hook-up, as I am a tremendous fan of each. It was also a great atmosphere, as there were plenty of family and friends in attendance. My wife Maureen, her sister Sue, our niece Krista, our niece Brittany and her boyfriend,our nephew Josh, and ours and Joey’s friends from Auburn, Andy Rice and his family.

Nice time relaxing, enjoying, cheering, discussing, second-guessing, but most of all, having fun and creating memories.

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