Fans – Short for Fanatics

Why do you attend a sporting contest? Whether it is high school, college, or the pro’s, part of the reason that anyone goes is to enjoy the “fan experience.”

Being a fan and rooting or cheering for your favorite team is a persons way to be a part of what is going on either on the field, or on the court. Yes, even booing the opposing team, if done in a way that is not derogatory, can be fun, and make for an even livelier contest.

Over the years, I have seen some great ways of positively adding to the festivities from the fans, and on occasion, have seen some things that are not so positive.

Homestead has one of the best student sections for cheering. A couple of years back, they had a student who was dressed as the Pope, and he was leading some very good natured cheers. It was hilarious. They also had a fan slip down out of the stands during that same game dressed as a referee, and go up to the scorers table and was emulating one of the “men in stripes.”

Also a few years back, there was a student who during a girls basketball game went down to the opposing teams pep band area (the pep band was taking a break) and just started wailing away on the drums. I thought it was pretty funny.

Then there was the time that 2 streakers dashed across the floor at DHS right in front of the home teams bench, and made their way out the side doors. it wasn’t planned very well, as they were caught a short distance away. I should mention that they weren’t completely naked.

A lot of schools do “theme nights” for the students. I’ve seen western nights, Hawaiian nights, hippie nights, 50’s nights, disco nights, and a whole lot more over the years

Whether it is pep bands, loud student sections, or just great fans of all ages who follow their teams, the people who get behind their teams in a positive way make going to sporting contests enjoyable for everybody!

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