Celebrating Fathers Day

This past weekend, as happens every year in mid-June, “Fathers Day” was celebrated across the USA.

For me, I was truly blessed to have not only a great Dad, but a great Father-in-Law as well. Both of these wonderful men taught me so much in the game of life, that it would be impossible to ever attempt to give back to them all that they gave to me. In so many different ways, they didn’t talk a good game, they led by example.

Brandon, Ethan, Bernie, & Joey

All that I can do, is to try to lead by example, and to make my 3 sons a reflection of all that my Dad & Father-in-law did for me.

What are the keys to producing that reflection of the excellence that was shown me? As my youngest son Ethan so eloquently pointed out to me a few years back when he was very sick at Riley Children’s Hospital, our lives are built around Faith, Family, and Friendship.

I’m proud to say that while the boys were growing up, Maureen & I always attended church with them each and every week. Our family developed a strong spiritual bond that can only help to enhance a solid set of morals, as well as work ethic.

We would do a lot of things together, as a family. Even when money was tight, we would find ways to travel, to experience different things, do things that would help to expand your mind and make you think.

We read together, played together, worked together, grew together, and most importantly, prayed together.

If and when my boys would start a family, I only hope that they can pass along some of the same life’s lessons that were passed to me, and that Maureen & I have hopefully instilled in them.

To me, the greatest gift in all of this, is for your kids to grow up, and to become good, solid, moralistic contributing members of society.

Happy Fathers Day to my “Dads,” Ben Prebynski & Joe Pecko. Happy Fathers Day as well to my Joey, my Brandon, and my Ethan. You all have truly blessed my life, and made me very happy.

Note: I will be traveling out of town this week. My next article will appear Tuesday, 7/3. Thanks! – Bernie

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