The Rain Started Coming Down

As I mentioned in a previous article, I had the opportunity to go to Comerica Park in Detroit this past Friday to watch the 2nd game of the Rangers-Tigers series. It was a rematch of last year’s ALCS.

Matt Harrison of Texas would be facing Rick Porcello in what promised to be a very good pitching match-up.

About an hour before game time, the rain started coming down. Even though it wasn’t a downpour, it was steady, and the radar didn’t look good.

While it was delayed, I had the chance to walk around and take in the amenities of the ball yard. It was my first time visiting Comerica, and it was an impressive venue. Even during the storm, there were plenty of places to seek protection from the elements, and be quite comfortable at the same time.

After about 90 minutes or so, the powers that be decided to postpone the game. Even though being disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see the contest, it was a great opportunity to spend a little more time with my son who was on the road with the Rangers.

I love baseball, but I love spending time with my boys even more.

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